We create beautiful, insanely high quality and affordable LED neon signs.These are durable, inspirational and unique.Designed in Germany and shipped worldwide.We don't just design products, we create feelings and stimulate the senses, creating a certain ambience in the room.Our mission is to inspire fun, creativity and joie de vivre through every single piece.So let's create your atmosphere together with light!


A trip to Tokyo, Japan inspired and confirmed a pre-existing love and enthusiasm for the aesthetic and emotional impact of neon lighting and the atmosphere that colorful lighting in all forms creates in every application.

However, after purchasing a piece online for our own use, the disappointment was great to find that all affordable options were inferior, very fragile pieces with little to no design choice from numerous competitors.

So, from home, we founded NEONIDAS in late 2019 to answer our own questions and solve our own problems as passionate fans of neon lighting.

Today we can proudly say that we succeeded!

What advantages do you havewith NEONIDAS?


    Our motivation is to find the best solution for YOU.We offer fast turnaround times, creative solutions and a high level of commitment.NEONIDAS is about making YOUR brand shine, always and everywhere, in order to win new customers and inspire existing customers again.


    We use LED neon strips instead of traditional glass neon tubes, provide hundreds of stage designs for inspiration, ship worldwide at competitive rates, and allow for full custom designs.Sustainability is important to us, so we work with ethical, modern and innovative production facilities worldwide that enable us to produce as environmentally friendly as possible.


    We produce for both private and commercial customers.Over time we have built a loyal customer base both locally and internationally for whom we do everything we can to ensure a fun and enjoyable shopping experience.We are proud to be able to work with a number of large corporations and startups.


    We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality promotional products and excellent customer service.
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    You imagine it, we create it.

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